Dream Big at Felty Elementary

students seated on their classroom carpet wearing handmade crowns playing with balloons

Felty Elementary exemplifies a family atmosphere with its focus on student achievement and relationships. A close-knit network of teachers, staff, students, and families (including the PTO) creates a supportive environment welcoming to all.

The PTO is instrumental in budgeting funds for wish list items deemed necessary by teachers and students. The PTO alternates spending and saving years for big purchases like Chromebooks, an outdoor canopy to shade students on the playground, and an audio/visual system for the cafeteria. A scholarship fund is also allocated to send teachers to the internationally-recognized demonstration school Ron Clark Academy.

This is also the first year for Felty to implement the House System, a program incorporated at the Ron Clark Academy. Students have the opportunity to form relationships with peers across all grade levels as well as different teachers, unifying the campus. The house system helps keep everyone accountable and opens opportunities for mentorship.

The daily announcements are led by the student body, and one of the topics covered weekly is one of the Ron Clark “30 Essentials." One character trait is the focus of each week, which helps students grow socially and improve etiquette. Felty principal Darla Wilson emphasized that academic standards will always be in place with state standardized testing, which is why students must be held to a social/emotional standard as well.

Felty is proud to earn a two-year consecutive “A” rating from the Texas Education Agency. Teachers strive to meet individual student needs while building on strengths. Daily intervention time is held for each grade level to break out into groups of students with the same needs, whether that be filling the gaps or enrichment.

The Felty philosophy is advocated through the "Dream BIG" cheer that is chanted over the daily announcements. BIG is an acronym that stands for “Be safe, Improve yourself, and Give back,” and is used to excite the students and remind them of the Felty mindset.

Felty does a fantastic job putting students in leadership positions, whether that be Junior Counselors, the flag crew, or Student Senate, which is comprised of the third, fourth, and fifth-grade house leaders. Felty staff and administrators believe when more students are involved, the more ownership and pride they have in their campus.

The Felty campus opens its doors regularly for families to celebrate their children’s education. Campus activities make a substantial impact on the students as they are provided alternative mediums to showcase their talents.

Felty’s thriving music program has each grade level host a program every month. Every Tuesday, over 100 students stay after school for Running Club. Other campus-wide activities include a themed art exhibit that takes place each spring, which has evolved into a STEAM-related initiative, and fourth-grade students host a Texas history living museum once a year.

Students at Felty have a positive learning environment supported by staff and stakeholders. With focuses on academic achievement and social accountability, a unified culture is established on campus, which leads to excellence.