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Kindergarten - Second/Third Graders
The Super3 Model
The Super3 is an information problem solving model that is great for helping younger learners find answers to their questions.  The steps are simple and easy for students to remember:
1. Plan (Beginning) 
2. Do (Middle)
3. Review (End)
See how Wisconsin educators developed Super3 Dinos - Planasaurus, Doasaurus, and Reviewasaurus to help early learners understand the Super3. 
Check it out HERE.

Third/Fourth Graders and Beyond

The Big6 Model
The Big6 is a model using six stages to help anyone solve an information problem.
1. Task Definition: Define your information problem and figure out what information is needed to solve the problem.
2. Information Seeking Strategies: Brainstorm all possible sources of information and select the ones that are the best.
3. Location and Access: Locate the best sources and find the needed information in those sources.
4. Use of Information: Read, hear, touch, and view the information and pull relevant information that is useful for solving the information problem. **Don't forget to cite your sources** 
5. Synthesis: Share what you have learned by organizing the information and presenting it to others.
6. Evaluation: Judge the product and process. 
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