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Welcome to Dyslexia!

Welcome to Dyslexia!  My name is Mrs. Kaley Morrow.  I have a Masters Degree in Education and am a Certified Academic Language Therapist/ Dyslexia Therapist.  I am excited to work with my students each day and to watch their reading abilities improve!
WISD uses the Scottish Rite Take Flight program for our students with dyslexia.  Take Flight is designed for small group instruction for 45 minutes per day.  Take Flight includes a total of 132 lessons that are taught over a 2 year time period with a total of 230 hours of direct instruction. With Take Flight, students will learn all 44 phonemes of the English language, 96 grapheme-phoneme correspondence rules, and 87 affixes.  The students will also learn spelling rules for base words and derivatives.  Practice opportunities are also provided that are designed to improve oral reading fluency.  The program focuses on the components of: phonemic awareness, phonic skills, vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension.
Current dyslexia students will have homework almost every night.  It is important to reinforce the concepts that students are learning in dyslexia class.  Thank you for your cooperation with this to ensure your student's success.  Use the calendar in your child's binder to see what is assigned for homework each night.  We will practice handwriting in cursive, instant words, R.A.P.(repeated accuracy practice of reading letter patterns), and rate for fluency.  Students are encouraged to read at least 15 minutes each day.  Reading aloud to an adult each night is a key factor that will help your student progress in his/her reading abilities.  
I am currently on campus at Felty daily from 11:30-3:30.  You can reach me at Felty at 972-923-4616 or by email at kmorrow@wisd.org
Kaley Morrow, M.Ed., CALT