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Campus Education Improvement Committee (CEIC)

CEIC Meeting
October 17, 2019 at 3:30 p.m.  
*Welcome/Purpose of the Committee
We opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the meeting. Mrs. Wilson discussed the two main purposes of this committee: monitoring the implementation of the CIP (including the CIP process in the spring) and an advisory committee for staff to voice concerns/questions.
*Introduction of Committee Members
Everyone introduced themselves, what their role is (parent, teacher, community/business), and what are the names of their personal children that attend Felty. Members present were: Darla Wilson, Michelle Bartosh, Angela Morgan, Melissa Harwell, Jenny Seymore, Linda Esselman, Charlotte DuFon, Jennifer Summers, Nancy Weiss, and Kim Brown.
*Address Campus concerns/questions
There were only three questions/concerns:
  1. What is the role of the GT specialists and how do they support the GT cluster teachers? Angela Morgan was in attendance and is a GT specialist. She answered this question by telling what the district’s goals/direction are for the Advanced Academic program. She offered to give any support needed, such as working with students or teachers, lesson planning, etc. The idea was brought up about having teachers in the district at each grade level, that could possibly share their lessons that were exemplary in meeting GT students’ needs. 
  2. What is being done to address the Special Education needs (Content Mastery) at Felty? Mrs. Wilson said she had just met this week with district leaders to discuss the special education needs/numbers at Felty. They have reviewed our students’ plans and are aware we are very short-handed. They will be working to get us extra help in an effort to have our CM lab open more. 
  3. There are still teachers concerned about the new lesson plan format. All of the teachers at the meeting agreed it is still very time-consuming to do this lesson plan format, and even after all of the time spent, it isn’t “user friendly” for teachers to follow and refer to on a daily basis. Mrs. Wilson said she will take the concern to the curriculum department, offer extra support as needed, and proceed to DEIC with concerns if needed.
*Review Campus Improvement Plan
Mrs. Wilson reviewed this year’s campus improvement plan - with emphasis on the six campus goals and strategies. She showed the committee how these goals will drive everything we do at Felty, and how we will monitor our progress on these goals this year. We discussed the process in the spring of creating a subcommittee for CNA and then updating/creating our new CIP.
*Review findings of campus survey (Angela Morgan)
Angela Morgan is a part of our committee as she pursues her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. She created a campus survey the stakeholders filled out. The information from this survey will begin to show us our areas to address in the spring.

CEIC Meeting


December 12, 2019

PTO Updates:

$22,000 in PTO funds, each grade level $1260, ancillary classes $315

RCA Scholarship fund set aside (money was set aside/designated from Fall Festival)

Proposed Calendar:

Campuses will have the opportunity to create a calendar that fits parameters, and then they can submit it if they want.  Submit to Mrs.Wilson, so she can approve before submitting to district level. Teachers were given information needed for the calendars, and the four choices made by Lisa Mott (A,B,C,D).

Upcoming Events/Questions:

Festival of Lights - Monday; When will lights be on?  Start Monday - keep them on, but they must come down before we leave for break.


WISD Christmas party - next Tuesday.  Come and go - all staff invited, room available for childcare.  Civic Center 3:30-6:00


Thanksgiving Lunch - All campuses have our Thanksgiving lunch on one day, instead of staggered through the week as in years past. We, along with other elementary campuses, have such a huge amount of visitors that day, and could use “all hands on deck” help from admin/curriculum; similar to how they send extra help for the first days of school.  This year we were so short-handed and our staff was helping in the cafeteria line, etc. Send on to DEIC

Storybook Day/Student Instruction - There were concerns with how much time is being spent to prepare for Festival of Lights by parents and teachers/staff. The idea was given to maybe “scale back” and not do so much each year, or maybe even alternate years. It seems the Fall festival is a lot of extra work too, and then the Festival of Lights is very close to that date it seems. Grade level leaders meet each summer to plan these events, so we can revisit these concerns at that time as we plan for the 2020-2021 school year and the special events.  

DCA Questions/Concerns:

*Scheduling - not good timing for all the DCAs at this time of year. Teacher rep on the committee spoke from a parent perspective. It seems like too many tests, in one small window of time. 

*Errors - Even after input is given, DCA’s still contain errors that are confusing to students.

*How can we justify taking the score as a test grade? - This is conflicting.  If it’s diagnostic, why is a grade being taken?

*3-5 DCA’s - bad timing. Seems that elementary grades now have “finals” week like secondary.

*When teachers are given opportunities to comment and have input, some are ignored or met with resistance. 

*Paper usage is HUGE, just for these DCA’s. 

*May not be the best data with so many tests in one week. 

*Why are DCA tests planned right after the benchmark testing? 

Will send on to DEIC, but the committee was made aware that DCA concerns were discussed at the Principals’ meeting (that day), and administration was made aware of some of these same concerns. 

Overall ELAR Concerns: Seems like we have been thrown many components and nothing seems to be “fitting” together well. It seems we are teaching wider, and not deeper. The roll out of all of these components (new TEKS, F&P, R10 pacing guides) could have been at different times, instead of all at one time. Teachers don’t feel supported in the ELAR areas. 

Send to DEIC.

Lesson Plan Concerns: What to copy from TRS?  The IFD and pacing guide do not match. Ex: Kinder: when you open the TEKS, it’s in six sections - which sections do they copy?

Some concern that so much time is still being spent on lesson plans, when teachers should be trusted to know what is best for kids and simply teach. Now, there is more pressure to have lengthy plans and everything copied and pasted, since curriculum team is checking plans. It seems we are to the point of someone writing our plans (exemplar lessons), and we teach those exact plans. Send to DEIC.

Lack of True Work Days - Could we have planning days where we hire subs to have uninterrupted time to just plan?  Campus response - Maybe think about March/April putting in a day for planning.  We have money on our campus we can use for subs. We can use campus people to help cover. We could look at possibly getting subs at the beginning of each nine weeks/quarter, right after Spring Break possibly. 

Appliance Permits - It is insulting to have to pay for an appliance permit. We need these in our rooms because our lunch break is short, items are needed for science experiments, and snacks for students, etc. Send to DEIC.

When planning for next year on the days that first/second year teachers are to observe in classrooms, could the teachers and campus admin be notified as to what teachers would have observers? This year, there was some confusion and some classrooms had multiple observers with no notice to the teacher. Send to DEIC. 

Overall teacher morale - Worst it has been in at least 20 years, DCA issues (stated previously), lesson plans (stated previously), not heard or listened to, but not on the campus level. 

Send to DEIC.